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Learning through play, sounds too good to be true? Game based learning promises to be an extension or even a replacement for classic lecture-style teaching. It could solve several problems at once: increase motivation and attention, dissolve blockades and make learning more individual. Computer games encourage explorative learning, and they provide instant feedback. Their multimodal design integrates text, graphics, sound, drama and interaction resulting in an immersive experience. But practice will get your feet back on the ground. Instead of uncritically affirming "gamification", using computer games in school and further education must be part of a reasonable educational concept.

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serious games

Games designed to achieve a specific learning target are called "serious games"


Computer aided learning. Software like moodle helps students to communicateand document theirwork more easily

game design

Students become game designers. Enabled by software like Missionmaker, they donot need priorknowledge inprogramming.

game tester

Game testing makes students improve their abilities for communication and self-knowledge.

game adaption

Creating new games, like boardgames or live role-playing-games in the forest,inspired bycomputer games.


Incentive programmes like in fitness-apps are modernversion of printed smileyfaces in the old days of education.